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The aim of the Virtual Observatory (VO) is to allow astronomers immediate access to the data archives, reference surveys, data bases and information services, distributed all around the world, and forming a "digital sky". This page describes current CDS activities towards a global astrophysical Virtual Observatory. This work is partly supported by the AVO project funded by European Commission.

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The Aladin sky atlas serves as data integrator for accessing reference sky images, data archives, observational catalogues, and astronomical information. The Simbad object database is the reference database for astronomical objects (identification, basic data, observational measurements, bibliography). The VizieR catalogue service is a full collection of published data tables. It provides also access to mission logs and surveys.
Astrophysical Virtual Observatory Press Release : at ESO - ULP/CNRS [in French]
The CDS information hub : 2000A&AS..143....1G
Interoperability Tools : astro-ph/0109275
Standards VOTable, a proposed XML format for tabular data
ASU, Astronomical Server URL: querying astronomical data servers
ReadMe, Standard for Documentation of Astronomical Catalogues
Bibcode convention for Bibliographic Reference Coding (used by Simbad, NED, ADS, and the Journals)
Data models,
UCD, Unified Content Descriptor: a classification scheme for astronomical parameters
IDHA, towards a data model for astronomical images
GLU, Générateur de Liens Uniformes (Uniform Link Generator)
Tools CDS client/server package
Public Java classes (CDS)
AstroGLU resource discovery tool
AVO (Astrophysical Virtual Observatory)
NVO (National Virtual Observatory)
AstroGrid (UK)
OPTICON European Network
ClassX, high-energy source classifier

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