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UCD assignment

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Use the form below to help you decide which UCDs you should assign to your data

You must upload a file containing 5 fields, in a TAB-separated format, each line of the file corresponding to a field of your data:
  1. The name of the catalogue or table or dataset (it is not used for assignment of UCDs, this is just to help interpretation of the output, in case you concatenate descriptions of various datasets into a single file). This must be a string with no blanks.
  2. A single char to specify the datatype: it can be either A=ascii, I=integer, F=float (fixed-point notation), E=float (exponential notation).
  3. The column name (should be short, with no blanks). e.g. Vmag, Plx, z, ... You can find some hints on how to write labels on this page.
  4. The unit, preferably written in standardized syntax. If the parameter has no unit, use --- (three dashes).
  5. A short description, ususally a single sentence describing the field. It ideally contains some relevant keywords to allow precise description of the field, and thus unique assignment. e.g. Johnson B-V colour (note that there must be at least one 4 characters long word).

A single TAB character is used between the different fields.
Lines beginning with # are treated as comments.

Here is what your input could look like:
hip_main.dat	A	RAhms	---	Right ascension in h m s, ICRS (J1991.25)
hip_main.dat	A	DEdms	---	Declination in deg ' ", ICRS (J1991.25)
hip_main.dat	F	Vmag	mag	Magnitude in Johnson V
hip_main.dat	I	VarFlag	---	Coarse variability flag
hip_main.dat	A	r_Vmag	---	Source of magnitude
hip_main.dat	F	RAdeg	deg	alpha, degrees (ICRS, Epoch=J1991.25)

You can download a sample input file here.

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