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UCD POS_PLANETARY represents: Coordinates in a System Related Non-Jovian Planets

POS_PLANETARY is leaf #1212 at level 1 in the UCD tree (roots are level 0).

Statistics for this UCD:

Column names and units associated to UCD: POS_PLANETARY
(there are 22 different column names and 2 different units).
Frequency: column nameFrequency: unit
  12 eta
   2 EJup
   1 RAJ2000
   1 DEJ2000
   1 Xi4
   1 Xi2
   1 LON3
   1 Eta2
   1 COLAT3
   1 COLAT2
  24 deg
  10 arcsec
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Related catalogues in VizieR:

This UCD is used in 34 columns, in 12 different catalogues (20 tables) of VizieR.
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Cat. (table)TitleBibcode
     J/A+A/426/1001/table2c, (3)Catalog of contact binary stars (Csizmadia+, 2004)2004A&A...426.1001C
     J/A+A/493/1171/phemu03, (2)Mutual phenomena of Galilean satellites PHEMU03 (Arlot+, 2009)2009A&A...493.1171A
     J/A+A/545/A144/table1, (1)Astrometric observations of Deimos (Pasewaldt+, 2012)2012A&A...545A.144P
     J/A+A/566/A1/galaxies, (1)Flux- and volume-limited groups for SDSS galaxies (Tempel+, 2014)2014A&A...566A...1T
     J/A+A/568/A46/qsos, (1), (2), (4), (6), (8), (10), (12), (14)High redshift cosmic web with quasar systems (Einasto+, 2014)2014A&A...568A..46E
     J/A+A/591/A115/movis-d, (1)VISTA-VHS (MOVIS) minor planets NIR photometry (Popescu+, 2016)2016A&A...591A.115P
     J/A+A/602/A100/table1, (1), (2)Merging groups and clusters from the SDSS data (Tempel+, 2017)2017A&A...602A.100T
     J/A+AS/125/399/table2b, (2)Mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites (Arlot+ 1997)1997A&AS..125..399A
     J/A+AS/130/77/table7, (1)Astrometry of Satellites of Uranus (Jones+ 1998)1998A&AS..130...77J
     J/AJ/103/983/table1, (1)Stellar occultation candidates of Saturn (Bosh+, 1992)1992AJ....103..983B
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