1972 - 2012

In 1972, the CDS (initially Centre de Données Stellaires - Stellar Data Center) was created and hosted in the Strasbourg astronomical observatory. Later renamed Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (Strasbourg astronomical Data Center), it has been since the beginning dedicated to the collection and worldwide distribution of astronomical data and related information.

An integrated team of astronomers, engineers and documentalists, the CDS staff keeps on updating the data and improving the reference services offered to the worldwide community, such as Simbad, VizieR or Aladin.

On September 18 2012, CDS celebrated its 40 years of existence, with representatives from the University, CNRS, CNES, and members from its Scientific Council.

Impact of CDS activities

These animations ilustrate the evolution and the impact of the CDS services.

Evolution of the contents : density of astronomical objects cited in the literature and stored in SIMBAD until 2012.

Worldwide usage : connections to CDS services over a 24 hours period.

Press releases

Several media and institutions relayed the information on the 40 years celebration :

TV broadcast

The event was also broadcast on french TV.

France 3 :

Strasbourg : le CDS, "mémoire" des objets... par France3Alsace

Alsace 20 :

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