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MediaTheque - Report #2


Observatoire Astronomique
11, rue de l'Université
F-67000 Strasbourg, France


1. Project status

This is the second report on a CDS project introduced last year (Heck, 1993). A first report was published in the previous issue of this periodical (Heck, 1994). A MediaTheque registration form is again available in this issue.

Please use this form for depositing your products with CDS and to see them listed in this report series as well in our MediaTheque pages on our Mosaic server either directly (through the URL or via the CDS main homepage ( These Mosaic pages are also regularly updated in case of change of addresses, telecommunication plugs, and so on. Fig. 1 reproduces the MediaTheque Mosaic homepage from where it is possible to navigate towards the various series and items of the collection.

This series of reports list the products received within the scope of the project with a minimum of appropriate information. Once again, CDS itself is not distributing the material, but rather acting as a pointer towards the producers or distributors, besides playing its rôle as historical repository.

The information is provided in these reports bona fide. CDS is not responsible for modifications that might be brought subsequently to the products or for deviations from the prices or technical indications given in these lines. Unless otherwise indicated, all products use English (or American ...) as working language. The texts in italic between quotes are reproduced from the documentation of the software producers whenever deemed appropriate. Prices are generally excluding handling and shipping costs.

For various technical reasons, some of the products already received will be presented in forthcoming reports.

2. Video tapes

This section lists `self-standing' video tapes. See also Section 4 as software packages are sometimes delivered with a videotape.

2.5 Photokina '92

2.6 Astrophysical Journal Videotape Vol. 417, N. 2. Part 1 (1992)

2.7 Eyes on the Hawaiian Skies - 1991 Total Solar Eclipse Preview Edition

2.8 And Then There Was Voyager (1991)

2.9 Flying by the Planets (1991)

2.10 The Quest for Contact (1987)

2.11 Voyager: Missions to Jupiter and Saturn (1983)

2.12 Uranus: I Will See Such Things + Miranda: The Movie (1987)

2.13 Voyager: Neptune Encounter Highlights (1990)

2.14 Cosmic Clips: Animations from Astronomers (1993)

2.15 Black Holes and Warped Spacetime (1992)

3. CD-ROMs

This section lists `self-standing' CD-ROMs, such as collections of catalogues, surveys, and so on. See also the following section since some software packages are delivered on CD-ROMs.

3.8 The Guide Star Catalog (2 CDs)

3.9 Star Date (December 1992)

3.10 Mars Explorer (1992)

4. Software packages

4.10 Guide Star Catalog Listing Program 1.1

4.11 Sirius (1993) (ISBN 2-86899-10-7)

4.12 DBCiel 1.0 (1992)

4.13 The Arizona Database 8.0 (1993)

4.14 HST Guide Star Catalog Programs (1992)

4.15 Extend 2.0

5. Audio tapes

5.1 Tapes of the night sky (ISBN 0-937707-17-1) (1988)

6. Epilogue

Our acknowledgements go to the various persons who provided the material listed here and to those who assisted us with the technical difficulties sometimes encountered when testing the products.

We encourage other producers to contribute to the MediaTheque project (see separate announcement and registration form in this issue). Mention of the products in the CDS Information Bulletin is free of charge. This periodical is widely distributed to the world astronomical community. The products are stored at CDS as a historical legacy. It is advisable to send two copies of each product in case one of them would become corrupted with time.

MediaTheque's list of products, as well as these reports, can also be consulted on-line through our Mosaic server either directly ( or through the main CDS page ( These Mosaic pages are also regularly updated in case of change of addresses, telecommunication plugs, and so on. A dedicated printed catalogue is also under consideration.

Readers should feel free to share suggestions, comments, corrections, and so on with the author.

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